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Find the right moving company to handle your relocation, from pickup to final unpacking.Not only do you get the best moving service with experienced movers, drivers, and customer service representatives but you will feel right at home at your new location in no time. You can trust us to manage your move to or from Leesburg, VA with ease and expertise, whether you are coming locally from the city or long-haul beyond Maryland. No other moving company can offer the same value and personal attention as we do.
We have been moving our friends and neighbors throughout Leesburg, the DC Metro, and the State of Maryland for nearly two decades. Every moving client is important; every move has to get done right. We are fully insured, trained, and licensed for your peace of mind and safety. If you are looking for a moving company to get you to or from Leesburg, VA, look no further. Choose us for your next relocation! Leesburg Moving Company Leesburg VA Movers Local Moving

Client Testimonials

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    Going through 4 moves in

    the past 5 years in Leesburg, VA, I am glad I haven not had to deal with a handful of moving companies. I have come here for every move I needed, and they have showed me the same level of professionalism every time. Also, in 4 moves, I have experienced no damages to anything. Keep up the good work!

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    I was amazed at how

    hard working these movers are. Moving day came, and they carefully, yet promptly had all my things loaded onto the truck and on its way to my new home In Leesburg, VA. Before I knew it I had all my things unloaded and ready to be organized!

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    Unfortunately I had to find

    moving companies that would be able to situate a last minute move. Something had come up in my life where I needed to be moved into a new apartment right away. Searching for movers in Leesburg, VA, I came upon these guys, and they told me that it would be no problem. I am so glad that I found them! I was actually moved into my new apartment on time. Thank you!

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    I am the general manager

    of 2 offices in a building in Leesburg, VA which needed to be re-located to another building across the city. We chose these guys, and they really pulled through with the move. All of our equipment and appliances were properly packed, loaded, and unpacked at the new offices. We were very satisfied with the service!

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    I was really nervous about

    moving, because I have lived in Leesburg, VA my whole life and had never looked for moving companies before. Thankfully, these guys actually helped me plan my move from start to finish, down to the smallest detail. I did not have to face any aspect of my move alone, which I am really grateful for. I definitely recommend these movers!

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    I have a lot of

    old furniture and paintings in my house in Leesburg, VA. I was pretty worried about making sure that moving companies would not be damaged on its way to my new house. I ended up putting my trust in this company, and I am glad I did. All of my paintings were wrapped the way it should be, and the furniture was moved with care. I’m very happy of my choice in moving companies.

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    7 Loudoun St Sw, B, Leesburg, VA 20175
    26 Fairfax St Se, K, Leesburg, VA 20175
    312 Parker Ct Se, Leesburg, VA 20175

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    148 Catoctin Cir Se, A, Leesburg, VA 20175

    602 E Market St, Leesburg, VA 20176
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